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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On compensation

Between two and four weeks of age Christopher started crying on occasion when we set him down, and ever since then he grows more and more demanding of distraction, stimulation, and interaction.  But as he grows more demanding, he also grows more delightfully interactive.  He started with smiling.  Then cooing expressively.  After that, he began giggling when Landon and I made faces at him.  And then when we tickled him.  Eventually, he started reaching for us and trying to pull us closer.  Currently, he is bored with all of his toys and very insistent in his desire for playtime with Mum-mum, but he has also started giving giant, slobbery, gummy baby kisses.

And now, he is crawling - mobility has arrived, the ultimate in parental time and attention demands.  He can crawl towards the phone cord in the wall.  He can crawl towards the open door into the bathroom.  He can crawl toward the book forgotten on the floor.  Nothing is safe.  But in addition to all of the above, he can crawl towards me, place his tiny baby hands carefully on my toes, and look up at me with a face covered in drool and eyes full of living delight.     

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