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Monday, June 25, 2012

On Something

At first, there was nothing.  There was just a space.  Nothing.  And then there was a fateful January day.  And something started to grow up in that space.  Something grew up in between us that was not either of us, but came from both of us.  A late May day the next year, we promised to always be with each other, no matter what, and the space filled up.  And two years later, from that nothing and something between us, suddenly there was something tangible.  A something that swelled my body, and squirmed around inside of me, and was born on that cold February day to become Christopher.

From nothing, something.  And that something is growing, and giggling, and squirming, and rolling over, and one day, all of a sudden, he will be like us.  He will be an adult.  Just. like. that.  Something from Nothing.


  1. This is just perfect. And lovely.

  2. I cannot wait to meet this wonderful Something. And props to the post on truth that you wrote that showed up in my Google Reader. I can extend a terrified yet enthusiastic high five to you as I feel EXACTLY the same way - you beautiful soul sister, you.

  3. Thanks, Esta and Jessica!

    Jess, I'm not sure why the post showed up on your reader but not on the blog. It was supposed to publish this morning, but when I checked it it was still listed as a draft. It should be up now.