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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The sacrament

Reduces us.

Boils us down

To our Essential.

Flesh and blood,

Finite spirit.

We touch flesh

To touch spirit.

And need the finite

To find the Infinite.

I've said things like this before. I know I have. But it makes sense to me now in a way that it never quite did before. Possibly a matter of experiential v. intellectual knowledge. In any case, this is the second post of mine "discovering" something that I get the feeling so many other people knew already. Does anybody feel like they're watching somebody learn how to walk whose been analyzing walking for a long time?


  1. Keep walking. You cause me to ponder; and that is good. Line six-- Finite spirit-- you should call me sometime -- I'd like to know more about that because I've always thought of spirit as being the infinite aspect of being.

  2. Well, honestly I don't have a profound thought about it. So we can (and should) have a talk about it sometime, but the short answer is that I have always assumed that our spirit is finite, as it is created, and has a definite beginning (although no end point; like a ray).